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Christine Prentice


Various explorations in the artist's life have taken her on a number of creative paths. When she was dancing regularly, she was inclined to draw the human figure. As a young mother with children at home, her collages featured animals, as if from a child's story or dream. More recently, nature walks have lead to eco-printing. This creative process is a loose one, but it does involve some design decisions such as: choice of plant materials and how much layering to apply. Currently, it is the accessories that inspire and bring joy to the artist. The creations are gifts she can share. The creative force carries her forward to surprising places.

Shows and Member Organizations

Friends of the Arts, Sierra Madre

SoPa Artists

  • Sierra Madre City HallExhibit 2010

  • California Wine and Cheese One Woman Show 2010

  • Heritage Wine Exhibit One Woman Show 2010

  • Wisteria Street Fair 2011

  • SOPA Studios Shows 2011-2016

  • Rosebud Coffee SoPa Artists Show 2018

  • Crowell Gallery San Marino SoPa Artists Show 2019

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